Bo One Vape – An Honest Review

bo one vapeMany forms of innovations have been developed as technology take hold worldwide. Closed system devices have become more popular with both the veteran users and the newcomers. 2016-2017 have been the year when the demand of the Bo One E-cig has been massive. This enables users to own a great and sleek device in their pocket without having to worry about changing the coils or refilling. Bo vape uses a 1.5ml disposable pod that comes in a variety of intense flavors and nicotine strengths.

Essentially, the vape pen is pretty much simple as it gets and puts most of the old eGo/CE4 combos to shame when it comes to quality. Weighing at only 22g and ergonomically designed, Bo One features a smooth ceramic coating and inside a powerful 380mAh battery that is highly efficient and lasts a whole day. It has its own branded 1.5ml caps that are much like a regular pod mod liquid pods. The pre-filled pod styled cartridge filled with the e-liquid is inserted into the device then simply puffed. The pods are disposed of once they are done with although some devices have a way of refilling to cut down on the costs. Newcomers will find it quite easy to use, and the experienced vapers have also been drawn to this due to its ability to provide excellent nicotine hits.

Technical Review

The main technical features of Bo One are:

– Weight: 22 g

– Height: 10 cm

– Material: Ceramic coating

– E-liquid capacity: 1.5 ml

– Connectivity: Magnetic

– Built-in battery: 380 mAh


– Bo One kit is supplied with 2 Bo caps

– Each contains 1.5ml of e-liquid

– Caps available in 8mg and 16mg nicotine levels

– 380mAh battery capacity

– 12 different flavors

– Wireless charging

– LED battery indicator display

– Ceramic coating body

– Magnetic USB charger

– Lightweight and ergonomically designed

– Unique disposable liquid pod system

– Bo power 1500 mAh charging case available separately, recharges the device up to 4 times when on move

– Certified diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free

– Bo One TC version also available with dry hit protection built in

Bo One Kit

Bo One e-cig starter kit is a unique and attractive package; inside contains the Bo One device, a user manual, and a magnetic USB charger. In another separate package includes Mint Arctical flavor in 8mg nicotine strength, Tobacco Gold RX in 16mg nicotine strength and 2 Bo caps. The BO e-cig is very light and extremely small which makes it easier to be carried around in the pocket or in the bag. It is a very catchy device with a LED flash which indicates the current battery level. The ceramic coating is an amazing feature that cannot be easily ignored. It is of high quality and does not wear away when put in the pocket or pick up scratches. The magnetic contact points for the USB charger is positioned at the bottom.

There are different accessories available for the device that can be purchased independently. One of the accessories includes the Bo power which is a 1500 mAh power bank which has the ability of charging the device up to 4 times while out and about. It also has an amazing aspect of holding a single spare Bo Cap. Bo Cable is another available accessory which allows charging and has a pass-through capability too.

A Good User Experience

Designed for smokers who would love to switch to vaping, the device is very appealing. It is lightweight and compact making it simple for the user to use it on the go. Moreover, the gesture of smoking is kept that may facilitate the transition towards vaping. The flavors available for this device are excellent. Bo one is logically very sober when it comes to juice consumption with only 3.7 V for a resistance of 1.8 Ω. If you use it reasonably, it can last you about a day.

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